Young Swedish Design – Special Edition Dunkers kulturhus (English)

Young Swedish Design – Special Edition Dunkers kulturhus is an exhibition that aims to increase and broaden awareness about young and newly created Swedish design. A collaboration between Svensk Form (the Swedish Society of Crafts and Design) and Dunkers kulturhus; together they have conceptualised the content of the exhibition which has informed a selection of approximately thirty contributions from the last five years of jury-selected works from Young Swedish Design. The result is an extensive and beautifully constructed exhibition about current and future Swedish design.

Through this exhibition we hope to highlight the diversity of design as well as provide a public forum for discussions about sustainable, democratic and inclusive design. At the same time we hope to provide inspiration through knowledge, craftsmanship and different materials. We would like to encourage creators to challenge themselves, examine freely and cultivate their own ideas. Finally, we want to motivate visitors to actively choose sustainable designs and improve consumption patterns. Having more fluid borders between art and design is an important creative driver in a time when new solutions, survival strategies and sustainable design are crucial for our future. We must modify our way of living and our perspectives so that innovation and technology better incorporate human factors. The selected contributions in the exhibition seek to awaken new ideas and fascinate viewers.

This exhibition is a collaboration between Dunkers kulturhus and Ung Svensk Form/Svensk Form.

Picture above: Tonje Halvorsen, Obsession. Photo: Sotarn (Olov Tegby Frisk).

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