Trine Søndergaard WORKS

The works of Danish photographer Trine Søndergaard are now featured in her first solo exhibition at a museum in Sweden. This new exhibition explores the landscape of memory, reflections, quiet internal spaces and the work and roles of women throughout history.

Both sight and gaze are recurring themes in Trine Søndergaard’s artistry and underpin the main working methods of most of her many projects. There is a hermeneutical aspect to her work, whereby imagery and poetics, motifs and expressions from earlier works create integral connections to the rest of her work. This is achieved in both a playful and reflective way, balancing precision and spontaneity, the planned and the happenstance.

Trine Søndergaard creates works that question her own existence and challenge her role. The basis of her photography can be understood from a factual and documentary standpoint, enhanced by reduction, flowing poetics and an inextricable connection to art history. The everyday as well as the ceremonial are given equal representation and undertones of melancholy, loss and the image as a condition beyond language shine through the artist’s works from the time of her debut.

The photography on display in WORKS is from the period 2005–2020. The exhibition is produced in co-operation with the Gothenburg Museum of Art.

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