Shaun Tan – Lost Things (English)

Shaun Tan (b. 1974) is considered one of the world’s foremost illustrators. His dreamy and surrealist narrative images, together with carefully mediated words often touch upon philosophical and social questions that simultaneously invoke political and historical issues.

Shaun Tan grew up in a suburb north of Perth in Western Australia. By his teen years, he was already illustrating for various science fiction and fantasy magazines. After completing studies in art, history and literature, he worked on several assignments continuing his exploration of the imaginative and the surreal.

His breakthrough came in 1998 with the allegorical fable The Rabbits which described the colonisation of Australia; it was written by John Marsden and illustrated by Tan. Two years later, the renowned book The Lost Thing was released. Various illustrations from this book are featured in the exhibition along with the animated adaptation of the book which won an Oscar in 2011 in the category Best Foreign Short Film. That same year, Shaun Tan was also presented with an ALMA (Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award), the most prestigious prize in the world for works in children and youth literature.

Another focus of the Shaun Tan exhibition is a selection of illustrations from the book The Arrival. Central to this are the impressions from an immigrant perspective of the foreign, the new and the unfathomable that permeate the life-changing experience of moving to a new country, on a different continent. This subject matter is perhaps more relevant now, than ever. The book is a wordless, graphic representation that is depicted through narrative, emotive images.

In addition, the exhibition Shaun Tan – Lost Things at Dunkers will present 44 original illustrations selected from Shaun Tan’s various books and films. There will also be a special room offering viewers a chance to read, get involved and further contemplate the exhibition.

This exhibition is produced by Dunkers kulturhus.

Entrance: 70 SEK

Guided tour: 16th June 1 p. m.

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