Gray Wolves and Moose Brothers – Pija Lindenbaum’s illustrated world

What is it that we see, when we see what we see? Is it important to understand the way other people experience the world around them?

Children are philosophers by nature. They ask all kinds of uncensored questions as they grow up and they demand answers. At the same time, trying to figure things out, pondering different issues and deciding what to believe in continue to be relevant as we get older. The exhibition Gray Wolves and Moose Brothers, attempts to bend reality for a brief moment and allow visitors to marvel at what becomes visible to our eyes, and apparent to our minds. The reality that emerges, at least for the viewer, might just be as true or believable as the reality that is reflected every day.

Everyone questions existence from their own perspective. Even if we see the same thing or experience something at the same time, we may have totally different perceptions of what we have just experienced. To put it simply, we perceive the world around us through our own unique viewpoint. So, is what we see really what we see? Or is it just something we have made up our minds to see?

Fantasy and reality are interchangeable concepts for many children and sometimes it’s even hard to know if you’re dreaming. This is often the case in Pija Lindenbaum’s stories that regularly depict obstinate children and their melancholic thoughts about the world around them.

The exhibition Gray Wolves and Moose Brothers is a reflection of us humans, both young and old, and our ability to delight in the different subtleties and nuances of each day through light, sound and movement. The content of the exhibition seeks to inspire the imagination by bringing Lindenbaum’s images to life and encouraging different reactions. A key aspect of the exhibition is the intention that children and adults will experience it together and share their thoughts with one another.

Through Pija Lindenbaum’s clever and multi-layered images, the exhibition Gray Wolves and Moose Brothers hopes to stimulate the imagination, perspectives and thoughts of adults and children about what is clearly visible as well as what is less obvious… that is, if anyone notices!

This exhibition is produced by Dunkers kulturhus.

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