Bending Reality – Erik Johansson

Erik Johansson’s photographic illusions of reality are captivating, poignant and challenge the eye. His images are a surreal rendering of everyday and familiar scenes that are enhanced with breath-taking optical illusions.

By tactfully arranging different shapes in the images, what we first perceive as a familiar and logical is, upon closer inspection, a play on our expectations.

Erik Johansson uses the camera as both the instrument and the method for realising his ideas, rather than simply capturing a moment, which is more often the case in traditional photography. The final image is created through a painstaking process that often consists of the combining hundreds of photographs into one.

In a relatively short time, Erik Johansson has garnered great international acclaim as a surrealist image maker, photographer and retoucher. The exhibition at Dunkers is one of the most extensive thus far and will be presenting images that have never been seen before.

The exhibition is produced by Dunkers kulturhus.

Picture above: The Cover Up, © Erik Johansson (cropped)

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