Image of the Year 2020

Image of the Year has been organised by the non-profit group The Press Photographer’s Club (Pressfotografernas Klubb) since 1942 and is considered Sweden’s largest and most prestigious competition within the genre of photojournalism. On the 21st of March 2020, Dunkers kulturhus has the honour of presenting the first Swedish viewing of the prize winners and photos from reportage during 2019.

The competition has garnered record-breaking interest and attention over the last few years which is reflected by the amount of submissions to the competition and the number of participating journalists. The jury is composed of new jurors each year. The jury members come from different parts of the Nordic region and are independent of each other. There is also a moderator involved who cannot vote but endeavours to give unbiased and deeper knowledge about the entries to the competition.

The main goal of the competition is to promote photojournalism and draw attention to skilfully executed professional achievements within the field of journalism. Image of the Year is a competition that also creates a link between the general public and Swedish photojournalism. The winning photographers can be seen as guardians of our current global situation and a mirror of the times we are living in through the geopolitical observations that they present. Image of the Year is a travelling exhibition and the first chance to see it will be at the opening at Dunkers kulturhus.

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