MISS LYCKAT by Museum of Failure (English)

Welcome to an exhibition of products and services that, for one reason or another, were regarded as failures. But perhaps we should also see them as proof of our unquenchable human curiosity and inventiveness – as important steps in our development.

2 June – 6 January 2019

The world’s largest selling motorcar was originally intended to be a marshmallow. But the Swedish company Ahlgrens could not get the recipe right. The mixture came out tough and hard – but it tasted good. Ahlgrens dared to launch their ‘failure’ which has become a best-selling candy classic. Sweden’s Itera plastic bicycle, on the other hand, was a total fiasco. It was marketed as the new, cool, sustainable bicycle made from the same material as space rockets. But the Itera turned out to be a very expensive and poorly designed product. And it was far from being cool!

The exhibition is produced by Dunkers kulturhus based on Innovation researcher Samuel West’s concept of Museum of Failure.

Entrance: 70 SEK

Opening: 1st June 6 p. m., free admission

Guided tour: 9th June 1 p. m., 16th June 2 p. m. and 20th June 2 p. m.

Special exhibition tour: 2nd June 1 p. m. with Emma Having, Head of Exhibitions and Performing Arts together with Samuel West, innovation researcher.

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