With a Feeling for Green – An exhibition in the spirit of Fredriksdal

The Fredriksdal museums and gardens are a venue in the middle of Helsingborg where you can meet people and discover nature. An open-air museum and a botanical garden that are concerned with scientific conservation, collecting, breeding, and management of plants and animals in order to preserve and create biological diversity and to inspire a sustainable ecological system.

In this exhibition it is art that is called upon to tell us about the work at Fredriksdal and the ecological interplay in which plants, animals and people have an important part. Using various types of contemporary artistic expression as well as earlier landscape paintings and items of natural history, we want to stimulate curiosity and promote new perspectives and experiences of what Fredriksdal’s museum and gardens and sustainable development can be.

Why not download our app, Guide Helsingborg, and listen as Jakob Sandberg, biologist at Fredriksdal, talks about the exhibition and his own work?

Guided-tour bookings: visningar.dunkers@helsingborg.se

The exhibition is produced by Dunkers kulturhus in collaboration with Fredriksdal’s museums and gardens together with Kulturmagasinet.

Visit the exhibition

Displayed 15 December 2018 – 1 September 2019
Location: Utställningshall 2
Entrance: 70 SEK


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