Illustrations of my Heart – Abdulkhalik Karimi

Med utställningen Illustrations of my Heart berättar Abdulkhalik med teckningar och texter om sina inre känslor, om minnen och om den resa han gjort från Afghanistan till Sverige. Visas i RumEtt.

På engelska berättar han på sitt eget speciella sätt så här:

“There is an upset Dracula in me, do you understand?“

“I” am the subject this time.

Humorous or serious, happy or sad, a brain full of ideas or a crazy man with a null brain.

Social or antisocial?

A person or a human?

It has been a while that I do not know who I am or what I am looking for?

Who am I?

Where am I?

“I do not know”

I know that I have changed but not completely!

Sometimes, I am the weakest and sometimes I am filled with everything that could be named as power.

Am I lost or dead?

Sometimes, I over think to the point that I forget what the subjects of my thoughts are?

Sometimes, my brain becomes empty like there are pears planted in my brain rather than neuronal corridors.

Sometimes, I am worried of every single humane society crisis and sometimes tired of anything called mankind.

Sometimes, nausea is the best word for explaining your emotion and sometimes I am too entangled with routineness of life, which might make me another reason for nausea.

Perhaps, I control that sometimes and sometimes vice versa…

There is an upset Dracula in me…

“My world is all covered with haze”

Change can be the right word for explaining my mood and emotions in these recent days, months, or years. Undoubtedly, if you ask my old friends to describe me in one sentence, the common keywords used by them would be like:

Humorous, smiling, annoying, chatty, simple, and inconsiderate. Change can happen in a right or wrong direction. I do not know I have changed in what direction but I have changed. Not sure that not knowing is correct or false…!

Something ended in me

Something began in me

Leaving old habits and getting used to new habits.

This feeling was so familiar, like I have lived with it for thousands of years.

I know and I do not know…

“Ugly, Unsightly, and Disgusting”

People can easily and accurately be described by using these words. However, my emphasis is mostly on the word “ Disgusting”!

They talk about war, weapons, and effects of war on their fellowmen passionately… or they decapitate someone’s head and watch it comfortably.

Which the noblest of all creatures can think of making an atomic bomb? Even thinking of making an atomic bomb is inhumane behavior but these people talk about the atomic bomb and 5o years of decay or people with health abnormalities derived from the destructive effects of the atomic bomb excitedly, which make me actually want to throw up. Some people are drowned in joy too much that sudden explosion of an atomic bomb in another city is not their concern in any meaning. Why should some children have no right to choose the direction of their future life?

Betrayals, dishonesty, tear, murder, profanity, gender discrimination, and race discrimination.

I am about to throw up…

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