Nordisk Salong opens again in helsingborg

For the third time since its inception, the Nordisk Salong will once again exhibit in Helsingborg. Applications will be accepted from all five Nordic countries, some of which will be selected by a jury to create an exhibition presenting contemporary Nordic art.

Since the 1938, Helsingborgs konstförening has organised spring salons in the city and has over many years gained a wealth of experience in producing exhibitions. In 2012 the art association decided to start a Nordic salon. The first Nordisk Salong was arranged in 2014 and the next one in 2017. This time, as in past years, the salon will be presented in cooperation collaboration with Dunker’s kulturhus.

The two previous salons attracted a multitude of artists and visitors alike. It is hoped that the 2021 Nordisk Salong will also create great interest and that many artists from outside Sweden will apply. The Salon can act as a springboard for many young practitioners into the art world. For an already established artist, it can be an exciting opportunity to showcase their work in a new and different context. Today’s Nordisk Salong is inspired by the avant-garde salons of Paris renown for breaking new ground and pushing boundaries.

The event is supported by Helsingborg’s konstförening and Dunker’s kulturhus.

The application is closed now

From 1st January until the 31st July 2021, artists can submit their work. After which, the submissions will be judged by a jury consisting of:

Pontus Kyander, Finland
Helene Nyborg Bay, Denmark
Svein Ingvoll Pedersen, Norway
Kristín Dagmar Jóhannesdóttir, Iceland

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