Albin Biblom – The Swedish Photography Award 2019 by Sandeng (English)

Photography Exhibition of Albin Biblom – The Swedish Photography Award 2019 by Sandeng will be on view at Dunkers kulturhus from 19th October 2019 to the 9th February 2020. Albin Biblom is this year’s recipient of the Sandeng Swedish Photography Award.

The jury was unanimous in their decision – Albin Biblom is an artist that the world needs to see. He is an artist who highlights issues that we need to discuss. He also shows us where we are headed by reminding us of our past. The photographer and filmmaker Albin Biblom works in a similar way as other narrative artists who use imagery as testimony, as well as photographic imagery as film. The exhibition raises important issues about humankind’s complex relationship to nature and our need to dominate, master and control our surroundings.

Albin was born in 1975 and educated at ICP, the International Center of Photography in New York and at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. He currently resides in Stockholm and has featured in a large number of exhibitions, primarily in Amsterdam and Berlin. For several years in a row, he has dedicated himself to his own photographic universe. By evoking strong visual imagery, a treacherously beautiful aesthetic and great commitment, he touches on issues of imprisonment, control and the fine line between love and ownership. He never leads the viewer in what to think; it is up to us to decide. In this world, there is no black and white and there are no simple answers.

The exhibition is produced by Dunkers curator Charlotta Jönsson in collaboration with jury member Mia Bengtsson Plynning. Also on the jury are Hasse Persson, Håkan Ludwigson, Nette Johansson, Cooper & Gorfer and Johan Brink. Jonas Wettre at Sandeng is the jury’s chairman.

About Sandeng and the Swedish Photography Award

Sandeng was founded in 2009 and is today one of the Sweden’s leading and most respected image producers. Sandeng produces images on assignments for galleries, museums, as well as working photographers. The aim with the prize is to create a meaningful platform for showcasing both Swedish and international photography. The prestigious photo prize was first awarded in 2018, so the exhibition in Helsingborg marks the second time the prize has been given out.

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