Dunkers kulturhus boasts over 3 000 square meters of exhibition space. Each year we host several internationally acclaimed exhibitions. We display both the historical and the contemporary, blendning various art forms and navigating different artistic genres in a continuous effort to represent important and timely narratives for our visitors.

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Showing exhibitions at the moment

THE THIN LINE – Björn Persson (English)

Africa’s wild animals have been living on our planet for more than 50 million years. Humans, on the other hand, took their first steps on earth approximately 200 000 years ago. During this relatively short coexistence, humans have caused the extinction of a wide variety of animal species, through both poaching and the destruction of vitally important natural areas. Not to mention the threat to animals created by global warming. The exhibition THE THIN LINE by photographer Björn Persson presents an eye-witness account of a magnificent and beautiful animal kingdom that hangs in the balance between survival and extinction. Björn Persson is an internationally renowned photographer who has been nominated for numerous prestigious awards. For many years, he has travelled around different parts of the world with his camera. He has photographed many of Africa’s endangered animals, the disappearance of Antarctica’s ice masses and the melting habitat of the polar bear. Björn Persson empathetically documents wild animals in their natural environments, where they have lived for countless generations. His photographs are taken with a closeness and intimacy that result in striking portraits of wild animals that have a distinctly reduced chance of survival. THE THIN LINE is a tribute to the endangered animals of the world, some of which might be the last of their kind. Björn Persson does not intend for his photography to create despair over the threats facing many of the world’s species. Rather, he aims to capture and showcase the incredible beauty of nature and therefore encourage social commitment to change. Ensuring the survival of endangered species is one of the most important issues in our world today. The exhibition is produced by Dunkers kulturhus.

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