In the concert hall and theatre we offer a full program of performances and events. Here you will find the music, theatre, discussion, dance, comedy and debate. Come and witness boundaries being pushed or disappearing altogether! We believe the combination of diverse dramatic platforms can create new, enlightened perspectives.

Guided tours

A Sense of Green – An Exhibition in the Spirit of Fredriksdal
Guided tours: 25 July 11.00 and 31 August 13.00
Explore the various works of art in the exhibition with one of our knowledgeable guides as they talk about different perspectives on nature and our place within it. What do we mean by nature? How has our understanding of it changed through the ages? It is through art that we come to have an understanding of Fredriksdal’s work with biodiversity and sustainability.

THE THIN LINE – Björn Persson
Guided tours: 15 June 13.00, 11 July 11.00 and 10 August 13.00

A screening of magnificent scenes of nature and related images. A skilled guide takes visitors on a journey to explore some of the many awe-inspiring animals that we humans have shared the world with for over 200,000 years and how they now stand at the thin dividing line between survival and extinction as they face an existential threat.

Summer Milonga by the strait

30 June, 14 July and 28 July 19.00 along with 3 August 16.00–20.00 (HX Festival)
The Dunker Cultural Centre and Helsingborg’s tango associations – Tango Fortuna and Tangorama – invite you to dance and to learn the basics of Argentinian tango during four hot summer evenings. Enjoy the thrill of dance in the summer and make sure you don’t miss the grand finale of this year’s HX Festival. Enjoy life by the sea with friends or swing by yourself for a grand time – hear the music and feel the rhythm of South American dance. Free admission.

For childrens

Safari Detective with Dunkers 10 June–31 August
Who – or what – is it sneaking past the Dunker rabbits? Was it a huge elephant? Or maybe a speedy magpie? Or perhaps something entirely different? This summer you can join the ranks of detectives here at Dunkers. Go on safari among the animals in our various exhibitions. The rabbits need your help! Together you’ll be able to unravel the mysteries. Suitable for guests ages 6–12. Free admission.

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