Welcome to Dunkers kulturhus

Dunkers kulturhus is an ideal meeting place for the residents of Helsingborg as well as an attractive destination for anyone interested in art and culture in the Öresund region and Sweden.

The main objective of Dunkers kulturhus is to continuously engage visitors and challenge the way they interpret the world around them. The focus here is culture, where visitors can experience historical as well as contemporary art, different types of performance art and discussions and debates on a wide variety of topics. Art from various genres is presented in stimulating ways throughout the exhibition areas. There is also a dedicated exhibition space revealing Helsingborg’s cultural roots and fascinating history.

Dunkers kulturhus is a place where people of all ages can explore their creativity through imagery, music and diverse media. It’s also the perfect place for a cup of coffee or a tasty lunch with a view over Öresund. Great experiences are always within reach at Dunkers kulturhus. Welcome!


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