English application for Öppna konstnärskapet

This autumn we are arranging the largest collective exhibition for young art. “Öppna konstnärskapet” is the art salon that will be shown at Dunker’s culture house between the 23rd of November 2023 – 4th of February 2024. If you are younger than 26 years old and living in Skåne or Sjælland, we are seeking you for this exhibition.

The application
“Öppna konstnärskapet” is a democratic salon where you are given freedom and space based on your art form and expression. Here you will have the opportunity to submit up to three works, which will be shown in a professionally produced collective exhibition with an opening on the 23rd of November. A portion of the works will be chosen by a jury and placed in a special section, alongside the jury’s motivations. The theme for the exhibition is entirely free and you can participate with any art form or media, such as painting, drawing, NFT, installation art, AR, digital mixed media, photography, vector graphics, sculpture, ceramics, video art or animation. The choice is yours. It is also okay to submit works of different art forms.

Submission of works
In order to participate with physical works, you need to be able to come to Dunker’s culture house in Helsingborg during our submission period between 18-23 September, according to the agreed time. Works intended to be framed need to be framed and ready to be hung when they are submitted.      If you want to submit digital works, you will be given information on how to send in your work online. Even digital works must be submitted to the project group by the 23rd of September. Dunker’s culture house will also write an exhibition contract with all participants.

Our ambition is, depending on space availability and technical resources, to show all works that are submitted to “Öppna konstnärskapet”. We will give notice, no later than the 17th of September, on whether or not your works will be participating in the exhibition. To make this selection easier, we would like for you to include, if possible, measurements of the work as well as a picture.

The jury and prize money
The jury consists of professionals with experience and education in the arts, currently working in the regional art scene. The jury will select a handful of works that will, alongside the jury’s motivation, be shown in a special section of the exhibition hall. All works selected by the jury will be awarded a prize sum where the first prize is 3000 SEK and 500 SEK to the other chosen contenders.

Skåne and Sjælland
Through “Öppna konstnärskapet” we will build bridges and enable the meeting of people across the sound. Therefore, we invite people living in the whole of Scania and Sjælland to send in an application (provided you are under the age of 26).

Motivation for participating
To have the chance to exhibit your work in “Öppna konstnärskapet” at Dunker’s culture house’s is an alternative for you that, for many different reasons, don’t have the possibility to do a solo exhibition. The exhibition is produced by a professional project group with an extensive experience in exhibition production, and will be shown to a loyal art public as well as an executive jury that will be assessing the works, and at the end you will be given a certificate for your participation. It is also a prime opportunity to make connections with both the public and the industry.

Deadline for applying is the 15th of September 2023. Apply by filling out the form below:

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